Dust Mites: How to reduce them in your home

Dust Mites: How to reduce them in your home


Everyone hates dust and tries to avoid it at all costs, but no matter what you do or how many maids you have, it still seems to find its way in. Dust collects throughout your home and contains numerous substances that trigger asthma symptoms (wheezing and coughing), or other allergic reactions (rashes and stuffy nose). These are all examples of different allergens like dust mites.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms found in virtually every home. They can be detected in your home’s air or on the furniture and bedding. Although very commonplace, they can cause allergies and allergic reactions to inhabitants exposed. Homeowners should always take measures to reducing the presence of dust mites and other allergens. Here are some tips to improving your home’s dust both through the air and on the furniture:

Through Air

  • Don’t use window or attic fans because they may bring in air with higher pollen, mold spore, and allergy content.
  • Use air conditioning so you don’t have to open your windows.
  • Use air filtration systems that help remove allergens from your home.

Furniture, Carpets, Drapes, and Bedding

  • Avoid carpet, upholstered furniture, and thick drapes.
  • Use furniture made of wood, plastic, leather, or vinyl that you can wipe clean.
  • Use smaller rugs.
  • Use roll down shades or washable curtains.
  • Avoid wool blankets and down quilts.