Detox and purify your home’s indoor air today

Detox and purify your home’s indoor air today


Here’ some¬†quick tips you can take to immediately improve your home’s indoor air quality:

  1. Sealing off your home to outside air can be dangerous. We recommend finding a way to ventilate between inside and
    outside air.
  2. Indoor plants can be your best friends. They remove pollutants from indoor air and swallow them up before you do!
  3. Take those shoes off at the door! Your shoes bring nasty things into your home that you don’t want to be in contact with on a daily basis. Leave the shoes and reduce the risk of pesticides, heavy metals and germs being in your home.
  4. Keep a steady flow of air through the house at all times if possible. Balance your temperatures of course and watch that bill, but try to have the indoor air moving through the house whenever you can!
  5. Try not to spray chemicals in the home. If you have cleaners or aerosols consider spraying them on a patio or a terrace rather than in your kitchen or bathroom. Spraying them inside is a sure fire way to ingest them too, which is not something you want to be doing.

Hope these were helpful!